Monday, April 29, 2013

El Fuerte León

"El Fuerte León,"  Acrylic with ALOT of water.

"El Fuerte León," or The Strong Lion, as the self- explanatory title explains, was a small doodle I painted on my sketchbook during breaktime in my Color and Comp 2-D class.

I didn't even plan ahead and this drawing popped out!  I liked how his chest hairs pop out on the orange hahaa.  I only drew it because I had an artist's block because we had to paint a scene that used a great amount of monochromatic harmonies (that's the tints and tones of one color) and I was totally stuck!  I wanted to use a warm color palette though, and I had plenty of orange and purple to spare so I tried using it up by making this guy.  I originally wanted to do a beach scene with a bunch of animals working out at Muscle Beach, which is where this lion idea popped out from.  But, I ended up doing something completely different since I decided I needed to experiment a bit more.  Maybe I will draw something with him in the future~

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Numero Uno Post!

Well I guess I finally got sucked into the cyber world....but more specifically the world of blogging!  A mentor of mine told me to begin a blog so I can get myself 'out' there into the art world, as I like drawing a whole lot.  I don't really know what to write, aside from the fact that this is my first post and this blog is going to be used specifically for random doodles and concept sketches....hahaa I'm pretty awkward aren't I?  I tend to drone on and on when I feel a bit like that.  Nevertheless, please anticipate my work as I continue to grow and improve my artwork!  ~D.